82 Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, MALAYSIA

Filming & Photography

Photography & filming for private or non-commercial use is allowed in the museum. Only hand-held cameras are allowed. Tripods are not allowed in the museum. We do also offer other filming and photography requests.

phone number 019-2699569 / 06-2811265    phone number admin@houseofmuseums.com.my

Wedding photography

If you want to have a wedding photoshoot with olden days background, look no further! Hit us up by emailing (admin@houseofmuseums.com.my) or calling (019-2699569 / 06-2811265) us to book for that special day. Wedding photos inside the museum is not allowed without prior booking.

Commercial filming & photography

All commercial filming & photography including media organisations, journalists, freelance writers and bloggers, must be approved by our authority before posting publicly about our museum. Please kindly contact us for any inquiries or requests. We truly appreciate if you would drop us an email at least ten working days before stating your purpose of filming or photography, where you will be posting, and a clear outline of context in which all the images and videos will be reproduced or used. Charges may apply depending on your requests.